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Our Brief History 

The Panther Organization started in 1997 with its founding members Jeff Key and Larry Sanders. With the support of a group of willing and dedicate men and women. Tyrone Timmons, Twilla Timmons, Dwayne E Sanders Sr., Daralyn Doby, Julia Timmons, Harold Williams, Henry Harris, Mr. Scott, Henrietta Sanders, Chris Lundy, and Francis Key. Our children descend in numbers from within the Community and surrounding Communities to form one of the most dangerous and feared teams in T.B.Y.F.L. 

The park stands erect in Progress Village with football and baseball fields, a business office, concession stands, shelters, announcer booth, and plenty of accommodating parking spaces. This year in the spring of 2010 we stand to embark on a brand new state of the art facilities which will include two football fields, five baseballs fields, and air condition gym, and plenty activities for your enjoyment. This is one more reason to become a Panther. 

The Progress Village Panthers are comprised of five Youth Football and Cheerleading squads that range in age from 4-14 years. The Progress Village Panthers are a non-profit organization.    

Since its existence in 1997, the organization has shown great stride and improvements as their presence continues to be a dominating factor in the community.  The Panthers have grown to approximately 250 young boys and girls, which compete in the Tampa Bay Youth Football League (TBYFL). 

What Makes Us Different 

Our primary focus is the children.  We teach them respect, discipline, and believe in education first and then sports as the secondary importance.  

Randomly throughout the season, each player and cheerleader are required to present their progress reports to their coaches before the start of any game or practice. Eligibility is required in order to play or cheer. Letter grade must be a C or better. Conduct grade cannot be lower than a B. 

The Panther organization believes in building a foundation that will instill future goals for our young boys and girls and give them a sense of dedication and teamwork.   

Because the organization places our perspectives in the right order, this is what sets the Panthers above the rest. 

Our Selection Process 

Our coaching staff is carefully selected based on their diligence, love, care, and attention to children, their ability to teach them the fundamentals that they need to grow into strong, educated athletes. Profanity, belittling or grabbing hold of our kids in an aggressive manner will not be tolerated by the Organization.  

Our selection of coaches are those who have proven to be patient, understanding, committed and willing to make long, hard, dedicated volunteer hours towards the preservation of our youth. 

Our Goal/Future 

Our focus, aim and goal are to provide for our young people a shelter from the storm. With peer pressure at an all time high, we seek to offer our young boys and girls of the community an alternative by contributing to their futures in a more positive atmosphere, the Panther Atmosphere.   

The future of the Panthers is largely dependent on the parents, the support of the community and the children.  We could not do it without you.  

Our Invitation 

Now, sit back, relax and cool yourself down as the Progress Village Panthers allow you to PAW around our site and meet our Board Members, Coaches, Players and Cheerleaders. 

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